Savannah Murray is a pre-teen who is a children’s book author.  She is a girl with a big imagination. She loves using her creativity to express herself. Writing is one of her passions. She believes in dreaming big and going after her dreams, which is why she has already fulfilled her dream of becoming an author by writing her first children’s book at age 8 years old.


Friends with “Giraffee”
Savannah’s interest in becoming an author began a couple of years after she received a wonderful gift: a stuffed giraffe named Giraffee [juhraf-ee]. As soon as she received Giraffee from her dad, she knew they were going to be the best of friends. Right away, she loved laying on him and cuddling his soft fur as she would fall asleep at night. He’s always been there for her since the day they met. He’s her special friend, and he loves to go everywhere with Savannah.


The Start of Curiosity
One of the activities Savannah enjoyed as part of her homeschooling in 2nd grade was taking weekly trips to the library. She would check out around 20 books at a time. When she first started checking out books, she didn’t understand what it meant for a book to be published. Savannah thought that there was only one copy of each book in the world! Once she realized that there could be many copies of the same book for people all over the world to read, she realized that she wanted to become a published author. So what better subject for her to choose for her first book than her friend Giraffee?

Follow Your Dreams
Savannah’s mom has always been one of Savannah’s biggest supporters. Her mom encourages Savannah that she can “be anything her God wants her to be” and to dream “God-sized dreams.” Savannah’s mom and dad were behind Savannah every step of the way on her journey to becoming an author. Savannah knows with God’s help she can continue to live out His special plan for her life.

An 8 Year Old Writes a Book
Writing and publishing a book is certainly a learning experience and Savannah was involved in every step;  developing a story,  writing,  reviewing artist portfolios,  storyboarding, and approving of the artwork. The finished product was worth all the hard work for Savannah. She loved sharing her ideas with others!

A Little Bit More About Savannah

Savannah lives in Atlanta, Georgia with her family and stuffed giraffe. She has a dog, cat, parakeet, and an aquarium filled with saltwater fish. She enjoys swimming and is a member of the swim team. She loves being at the beach and would be thrilled to be able to live in a home on a beach someday. Her family describes her as tender-hearted, gentle, loving, compassionate, imaginative, artistic, sensitive and quiet. Savannah hopes you’ve enjoyed getting to know her and that you’ll have fun reading her book!